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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Wings by Trevor & co.

In the Bag

Unfortunately we never took photos of the polystyrene cutouts so I will try and explain what we did, after cutting out the polystyrene and giving it a light sanding,we joined the wings together and filed a groove along the wing on the C.G. big enough to put a carbon tube about 8mm in diameter and a length of 20cm along each wing. We then put 3 60g carbon toes on top of the carbon tube and along the whole length of the wings. Once all had dried and before bagging we put microbaloons in to fill in all the holes.

We polished the thicker mylar and panted it in our colours using the Ford Focus Orange and a pearl purple for Trevor, two blues for Wes and a lemon yellow with purple for Kobus.

I was very apprehensive when I bagged the first wing but was pleasantly surprised when it came out the mylar, I think for my first time bagging they came out perfect.

Only the fuselages to complete and will keep you posted.

Chat again

Trevor, Kobus & Wes


mike may said...

Excellent work Trevor and co, cant wait to see all these Jarts on the slope,,,soon I hope.
Regards from Mike
(who finished his Jart first and is waiting for wind)

TREVOR said...

Thanks Mike we will all see you on the slope with THAT wind.