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Monday, October 26, 2009


These photos show our slope location at Maitlands, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

1. This is an overhead shot of the Maitlands slope that we share with the para-gliders
2. This shot is slightly above and along

3. A Google location for Maitlands

Monday, October 19, 2009

Red Bull Maiden

1. The Jart in her new party dress

2. Looking good

3. Looking mean and fast

4. Belly shot

5. Sean and Vic giggling uncontrollably!
Friday arrived with a moderate South Westerly wind at about 20 Km/h ( note the lack of white horses in the background!) We decided to toss her anyway and managed to trim her up in flight. The aileron throws need to be readjusted as the roll rate was nowhere near the old Jart. Wind strength did not help much either....
The main thing is she flew, and we'll put her through her paces soon!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Red Bull Jart

I know, I know....... just another Red Bull plane that" gives you wings"!
So what, I enjoyed building it and the stickers were lying around. The process also taught me the art of spraying and masking! I must have sprayed the three colours six times and taken it down as many. We are just waiting for a strong south westerly!
The plane weighs in at 1150 grams fully loaded and is perfectly balanced. I have given Alain my old one as it has had a tough life. It's been crashed and flown hard and still flies beautifully!
I must just ensure this one lasts so that we can take it along to Hermanus in November!