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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It Flies what else?

Well finally the second Jart had its maiden flight, this last weekend at Volksrust, a group of us went down for the weekend. On saterday afternoon the wind had swung easterly and really picked up so we moved to the eastern point and I decided to give it a go.

This Jart is light it weighs just under 1kg and is fitted with two nice MG digital no name brand servo,s which I am trying for the first time.

The launch was uneventfull and she only needed a few clicks of up, this one is a little faster than my first one which has an MH32 airfoil . I also programmed in some flapperon which helps slow down for landings.

Anyway the first flight was a blast and on the sunday I tried a second flight in lighter air which resulted in a nasty tipstall and flick , you need to keep the speed up on these gliders, so due to the lack of good lift I safely landed.

I guess it's on to planning Jart number three .



Ps I highly recommend you get yourself one they fly great.