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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Some progress with the wings at last.

I 3M77├ęd the aramid leading edge cloth on again, this time with copious 3M. Added a vertical grain balsa subrib at the end of the joiner tube to spread the load out to the skins.

Then I added a strip of peel ply to the mylar leading edge with double sided tape making sure the peel ply extends +- 25mm past the mylar leading edge. This way, once you put a strip of bias cut glass onto the aramid and place the mylar just short of the leading edge the peel ply gives a beautifully "pre-finished"leading edge. (As per Mark Stockton's

Tabooish build thread at )

Well, no more excuses, the layup on this one is all glass, 1 of 25g veil cloth, 2 off 163g and a half span strip of 163g all on the bias.

Much anticipation later, burnt out the old switch on the vacuum pump, replaced on the fly and out came the wings, sheer magic, biggest bagging job yet, check the leading edge! (all untrimmed and not yet sanded at all)