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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jart 3

Nothing like practice, Jart 3 the white fuselage popped out the moulds no problem. If you build a glass model that you think you may want several of , its always a good idea to pull a mould, especially off a smaller model .If one crashes (does that ever happen to you) you can simply make another.
I am pleased ,I had made a mould , as my RED jart flies great so it is a well proven design. It also allows a fair amount of experimentation , with different lay-ups.
I am sure ,Glen from Durban will appreciate this as he is busy with his Jart using the lost foam technique, and the accompaning sanding and sanding.
PS. for the very sharp eyed, you will note I had in fact previously built a white fuselage so this is in fact Jart 4 , that one was traded to a licensed Jart Plan owner for 4 sheets of blue foam a fair swap I think.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

JART no 2 and 3

A little Jart building at last, I sprayed up my moulds a nice rich yellow some months ago and put them aside to finish other projects . Recent outings with my red Jart have really been fun so time to get cracking on number 2 Jart, you cant have to much of a good thing ,you know.

The fuselage came out nice and strong and is now ready to be cut for wings, tailplane and canopy.

The yellow wing is blue foam with 1 layer of 104 gr glass then a lengthways 100 gr UD carbon and finally a 163 gr glass at 45 degress, it all feels nice and stiff and now needs to be trimmed and cleaned up on the leading and trailing edges.

The current weight of these two parts is 680 grams , but it still needs assembly of a tailplane and radio gear. they fly great at about 1.2 to 1.5kg in a fair blow.

With several "white" model projects on the go I always keep my moulds waxed up , and if for some reason some mixed 2k is available I go ahead and spray any excess paint into the next mould , so white it is . These fuselages are also perfect for using up all those off cuts of glass , these I sort and store in seperate plastic bags by glass weight and shapes.

The third Jart out of the mould is going to be white , and I laid up some ud carbon cross ways
were the wing and taiplane bond onto the fuselage.
Some nice red and blue striping would make this an attractive colour scheme?
go build your own Jart.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Glen Jart progress

I did tell you not to expect too much progress in the short term, but surprisingly, there has been a little.... Last Friday I was able to hand the "completed to this stage" fuselage over to Jacques for him to cut the wings,fin etc. Once this has been done, I will take the fuz back, blend in the wing fillets and fin, and prep for final spray of undercoat and colour. Did I mention that Jacques is planning to make his Jart a 2 piece removable wing option, so that transport to and from the slope is easier?

Again, many thanks to Mike May for his invaluable advice and motivation, especially during the epoxy and balloons/sanding stages.

Pictures of the project so far.....

Lots of carbon goodness for extra strength and vitalty.

Done at last - after lots of filling and sanding. Maybe my lack of glassing skills have something to do with it.