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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jart 3

Nothing like practice, Jart 3 the white fuselage popped out the moulds no problem. If you build a glass model that you think you may want several of , its always a good idea to pull a mould, especially off a smaller model .If one crashes (does that ever happen to you) you can simply make another.
I am pleased ,I had made a mould , as my RED jart flies great so it is a well proven design. It also allows a fair amount of experimentation , with different lay-ups.
I am sure ,Glen from Durban will appreciate this as he is busy with his Jart using the lost foam technique, and the accompaning sanding and sanding.
PS. for the very sharp eyed, you will note I had in fact previously built a white fuselage so this is in fact Jart 4 , that one was traded to a licensed Jart Plan owner for 4 sheets of blue foam a fair swap I think.

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