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Friday, May 16, 2008

Glen Jart progress

I did tell you not to expect too much progress in the short term, but surprisingly, there has been a little.... Last Friday I was able to hand the "completed to this stage" fuselage over to Jacques for him to cut the wings,fin etc. Once this has been done, I will take the fuz back, blend in the wing fillets and fin, and prep for final spray of undercoat and colour. Did I mention that Jacques is planning to make his Jart a 2 piece removable wing option, so that transport to and from the slope is easier?

Again, many thanks to Mike May for his invaluable advice and motivation, especially during the epoxy and balloons/sanding stages.

Pictures of the project so far.....

Lots of carbon goodness for extra strength and vitalty.

Done at last - after lots of filling and sanding. Maybe my lack of glassing skills have something to do with it.

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