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Monday, June 2, 2008

Jart 3 Canopy

Some good progress this last weekend on this build, I managed to join together all the big pieces,and it is now a Jart.

I fill the join lines and the wing shoulder gusset with micro balloons and some cloth on the wing and tailplane join lines.

After carefully cutting out the canopy, I make two small pieces in the mould, I dont spray the mould , the yellow in this case is pigment in the resin, these are the rough pieces on the wing nearest.

These pieces o about 4 layers of cloth are cut so that they fit on the inside of the fuselage and being flexable and more or less the right contour,
are easy to position and epoxy in place.

In this photo the lip is epoxied in place and the pegs hold two pieces of ply , which will be drilled to accept two small self tapping screws which hold the canopy on.

In the final picture the tear drop canopy has been sprayed black and the rest final coats of yellow.

Next I need to cut out the ailerons and elevator and wire up the servos.

At the moment it weighs 740 grams and feels lightish but battery , radio gear and balancing will change all that.

Hope this one flies even better than the red one.

I have done a slightly different canopy shape, but still starting ahead of the leadind edge so that I can still fit in a fair battery pack and full size receiver in its protective foam.

Some stripes next to tell the top from the bottom , important when doing rolls as these things roll , at a rate nothing short of a frenzy.

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