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Monday, June 23, 2008

Wing progress

Bit slow on the wing progress, hope that I don't have the same problem with the paint that Evan had (see earlier posts by Evan re Eskom induced delays) as my stab and wing mylars were painted at the same time!

The joiner tube is a bit large so it needed filing down. The reason for the size is that the carbon joiner needs a fair amount of carbon in it and the aluminium tube is quite thick walled.

This is the joiner tube area after the first application of epoxy-cabosil-cotton flocks-micro balloon mixture. Some voids still need filling.

The aluminium tube with its carbon tows ready for insertion after resin application.

I am using the standard Reed specified S6062 at 7,95% thickness. For the stab I used an aramid leading edge but this was a bit tricky as I did it at the same time as the bagging! Not as per the experts and it was made even trickier because I only 3M77éd the stab halves together. Epoxy dissolves the bond after a short time...

For the wings Í discussed the layup with Craig (thanks!) and also used Joe Wurts' spreadsheet ( which gives some comfort that things won't just break apart in mid air (as opposed to the more common/acceptable ground breakage!).

All the glass for the wings has been cut and is just waiting for the final sanding of the joiner tube areas while I debate whether to put on an aramid leading edge....

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