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Monday, June 30, 2008

Hot Jart

Well I got a chance to do a little final decorating , this is often determined ,by the colours I am spraying , as I line up a few plane projects for spraying at the same time .

Yesterday I mixed up some bright red 2k to finish off the yellow Jart and also spray up some mylars for a thermal ship which has been sidelined for some time.

First off I decided on a pattern and started masking with some plastic tape which gives nice sharp lines.

Next I masked and covered the entire plane , if there is any small overspray, this can be polished off later.

I layed down 2 x coats of 2k red and let it flash off, which is quick with the fast harderner.

As soon as its touch dry I remove the masking , carefully lifting the plastic tape. It all came out

rather well and with the red paint still pliable there is no chance of flaking or chipping which happens if you de-mask after a couple of days cure.

Final touch a JART sticker and now I will cut the ailerons and elevator and start the plumbing.

1 comment:

vic101 said...

Wow Mike,

That's really cool looking!