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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mike's Jart controls

These photos show the silicon hindging of the ailerons and the elevator.

The control surfaces are carefully masked onto the plane and checked for the right amount of free movement, then with something hard (I used the back of the scissors) you get a good seal of the tape to the surface(you can see this in the photo.

Next you apply a bead of good quality silicone (I use the marine type clear)and you half close the control surface, now you make up a scraper from some balsa scrap with a concave shape,
as shown on the left and you smooth the silicon bead down across the hindge line.

The control surfaces are held in the central neutral position with some tape and allowed to cure.

The tape is removed and the silicon checked (add some if there are any flaws) this should give a free moving hindge which is durable but easy to repair if required.
The whole aircraft will now require final finishing , to do this I will waterpaper the exposed carbon on the leading edges , the sealed wing tips the gusset between the wing and the fuselage and the tailplane and fuselage. Then the whole thing will be carefully masked and touched up with red 2k and my airbrush. Thats better all red now, some polishing is next.

I have some vinyl and will add some stripes to the wings for visibility the plain red is a bit boring .

The radio gear goes in next .

Cheers for now

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