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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Stab by Trevor & co.

Hi Jarters
This is all new to me and will be trying to keep you posted of how we are doing with our build.

We are currently building 3 Jarts and have already bagged our stabs but in a different way and opted to paint the stab after bagging. When we cut the polystyrene it never came out to smoothly so we covered the polystyrene with 0.8mm balsa hoping to create a smoother finish.When we bagged the stab I never had very thick mylar so never painted the mylar, we put a lot of microballons and epoxy on the leading edge and trailing edge. We sanded and made the profile correct afterwards, it has added a little weight but that's ok.

Will chat again

Trevor, Kobus & Wes

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