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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mylar prepertion - Evan - Post # 2

I mentioned in my previous post that I wanted to experiment with a paint technique. The Mylar sheets were cut out so that they match the foam cores exactly on all but the TE, which is cut about 15mm oversize. Then the pattern is marked on the reverse side, then turned over and masked with newspaper and clear DC fix shelf paper before spraying with 2K paint.

I used a special water based release agent on the mylars before masking. The DC Fix sticks okay and releases easily. Time will tell if this is going to be successful.

I will be laying up with Uni-directional Carbon, so the areas I want black will not be painted. The pattern is white and black on one side and white and orange on the other. The masking is removed when the white paint has dried and the orange areas are then sprayed.

The painted mylar sheet are then put aside and left to dry.

The next job is to reinforce the LE of the wing before bagging. To do this I cut two strips of 106 gm glass cloth at 45 degree, laid this on the table and put 4 x 12K carbon tows over them and wet them out and squeegeed the resin through the carbon and into the cloth with an old credit card.
These strip are carefully laid onto the LE , wrapped around and brushed down with a little more resin. A little resin is brushed onto the foam before the strip is added to help hold them in place.

This is left to go to the green stage before bagging.

Next post will cover the bagging.

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