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Friday, November 16, 2007

Jart finishing

Well the Red Baron would approve of the colour scheme, I really needed to add the stripes so that it is easier to tell the top from the bottom and to find if it goes down in the rugged terrain of the slopes.

The yellow colour has proved easier to spot from a distance than the darker colours, I have helped find several gliders at Volksrust by looking back up the slope from the bottom with binoculars and orange/ yellow and to a lesser extent white stand out well.

The canopy is starting to fit ok but still needs some work I have added two ply-wood tongues,

and may now attach it with small cap screws, (dont want anything comming adrift as this beast comes screaming past)

The radio gear I am going to use is as follows.

elevator servo Hitech HS 125 flat wing metal gear (this fits nicely and screws down into ply- wood blocks from the top)

Wing servos HS 85 metal gear servos(HS125s would have worked, but I have 85s MG available. )

The receiver is a Futaba ppm 5 channel but on one of the less popular 53mhz band frequency which reduces the risk of a shoot down.

Battery is a 4cell 1000mah NIMH.

One of the last tips which I have noticed is often overlooked, is to label your plane with your name and telephone number, On Volksrust gliders often get lost and recoved later ...if your name is on it your chances of getting it back improve greatly.



Piet Rheeders said...

Hi Mike,
You really work hard on your Red Baron Jart and I hope she fly's well on her madden flight.

I don't think you have bother about the address and phone number as the person that finds it will conveniently get rid of it.

i.e. Santa Clause industries.

Adrian Boyd said...

Nice looking bird you have there Mike.
Take it from me, cerainly well worth the effort. Have fun.