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Monday, November 19, 2007

All things Jarty in Cape Town

Hey guys,

Good to hear I’ll soon have some company on the slopes. Was getting a bit bored whizzing past all the other planes.

So far I have pulled 4 fuses from my mold, the first was a test and largely a throw-away, 2 are flying and 1 is waiting to maiden.

These planes are amazing in terms of their momentum and speed and the biggest pain with them is slowing them down enough to land.

I largely fly in the Cape Town area, specifically the southern area where we have some great slopes for all wind directions. I have a bunch of other planes but recently have only been flying the jart as is so much fun.

I have been building mine solid and usually weigh in at about 1.3kg’s and on a strong days I have even considered putting in some ballast. I have also flown in light conditions where I’m not sure I would even be able to maintain a bee or zaggi but the jart once going flies superbly in the light air.

Best advice; throw it off the slope and don’t be scared to dive it a couple hundred meters before pulling it up, takes some nerve in light conditions but once its got some air over the wings it easily comes back up.

Reed calcs for the CG are spot on, if you trim the jart to the specs on the plans then it will fly, guaranteed. My first launch was done with all hands off the stick.
I have recently been busy with other projects and not had much time to build or fly but looking forward to getting some good air time this summer.

The J Fleet

How to land a jart :)

1 comment:

mike may said...

Hi Adrian,
I have followed your build thread on the forums , thanks for adding to SA-JARTS ,many others are in progress in SA at this time,
and we should start seeing other builds soon. Looks like this aerie
is addictive.
Mike .