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Sunday, November 25, 2007

To Infinity and Beyond

Lionel came around to the flying field on Sunday to show us his Jart plug he has made.

He has made it out of Meranti and after hours of shaping and sanding it was painted with 2K , sanded and polished and the result is an absolutely splendid paint job. It gleams in the sun and is a smooth as a baby's bottom. Not a wrinkle or orange peel anywhere. The shape is spot on and he has got that pear shaped front profile exactly right.

He will be starting on the moulds soon and has promised to keep us all up to date as he progresses.

He tells me he plans on starting a building group once he has all the bits and pieces ready, so people who would like to build a Jart, but don't have the equipment or skills can join and get help and advice and get hands on experience while building their very own Jarts. I for one will be joining, just so I can get one of those fuselages.


Unfortunately we did not go to the slope this past weekend as planned so Mike's Jart never flew. But we are already planning a trip for next month. Lets just hope Murphy does not hear about it again and stuff up the weather.

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