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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Fuzz by Trevor & co.

Hi Jarters

We started by cutting out the outline of the fuzz from the plans glued two pieces of

polystyrene together and glued the outline onto the polystyrene and took a hacksaw blade and cut a rough outline of the fuzz. After a lot of sanding using 80 grid sandpaper we got agood looking fuzz.

From the picture you can see that we have put on (wing-things) because we are not making the Jart as one piece, the wings will attatch to the fuzz with a carbon wing joiner.

We covered the polystyrene with 180g cloth and put carbon toes down the fuzz for strength. Sanded some more and scimmed the entire fuzz with microballoons and epoxy to create a smooth finish. They will be primed and painted.

Thats it for Today we'll chat again.

Trevor, Kobus & Wes

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