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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I will put my complete JART build thread with all the never seen before photos on this build thread when time permits.
Here are a few photos in the mean time , in the build sequence.

Sorry not the plane but the tools I use to route out the foam on the control surfaces prior to a coating of resin and aerosil/cabosil

On one of the forums someone asked was it possible to build a jart in a day.
The total time on this project is about 17 hours at present , however that excludes epoxy curing
times and paint and glue curing I guess it is possible to build a JART in one day
(24 hours) I would use fast setting everything but why bother ,current life has more than enough pressure.
Hope it flies as good as it looks watch this space the road ahead is clear of any obstacles.

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