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Friday, December 7, 2007

Wing Bagging - Evan - Post # 3

It's been a few weeks, but I finally got some time to bag the wings.

The first thing to do is cut the skins. My lay-up will be 106 gram cloth under the paint backed by uni-directional carbon. The top has three layers of carbon(one full length, one 2/3rds and one 1 /3rd) and the bottom two (one full length and one 2/3rds).
I use the Mylars and cut the cloth at 45 degrees on newspaper, exactly the same size. The Carbon is cut without newspaper and obviously not at 45 degrees.

The skins are set aside. Now onto the sticky stuff.

The Mylar sheet is placed on some newspaper with the painted surface upwards and the 106 gram cloth transferred to it and the newspaper removed.

Then the resin is dribbled on and squeegeed into the cloth with an old credit card.
When that is done the uni-directional carbon is placed on top and wet out. Some effort is required to remove the nylon threads that hold the carbon strand in place. But with some patience and a little extra resin they come away. Then the extra resin is squeegeed off.

The wet out skins are then placed onto the foam cores and a strip of Peel ply is taped to the Leading edge of Mylar.
The whole lot is turned over into the outer cores. What is not shown is the reinforcing ply web that was inserted across the joint and the Carbon carbon cloth, cut in the shape of a diamond that went across the center on both the top and bottom. The 1/3 rd piece of UD carbon also spanned the center on the top surface. My original intention was to do a plug on wing, but after seeing Mikes Jart, I changed my mind and have decide to do a one piece wing fixed permanently to the fuselage.
Then the other skins are placed on top of that and the peel ply pulled around and taped dawn.
This sandwich is then placed on some paper kitchen towel. Another layer of kitchen towel placed on top of that.

Now the whole lot goes into the bag. Which is sealed and the air vacuumed out. The Bottom outer core is carefully positioned underneath the bag so that the wing can lay nice and flat with the proper dihedral set. This dihedral was cut into the foam cores.

24 hours later I will open the bag and hopefull get a nice wing. Hold thumbs.

More later.

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