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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Joining the wings by Trevor & Co

Hi Jarters

After crossing the hurdle of preparing the fuzz, it is now ready to add the wing joiner for the wings onto the fuzz.

We took the same size hollow carbon tube as we put in the wings, and aligned the wings up on the fuselage and inserted this tube across the fuselage. The wing joiner was made out of carbon toes pulled through an aluminium tube the same side as the carbon tube used in the wings. We used caustic soda to remove the aluminum from the rod.

Once we had aligned the wings, we found imperfections in our wing-lets and had to remould and form them all over.

After much sanding and finally getting the wings lined up with the fuzz, we needed to set the incidence on the wings and the stabilizer. Using the plan as a guide line,we used and incident meter to set everything up.

As we went along, things got easier, by the time we did the 3rd plane.

Once Kobus's Jart had been set, it was now time to mask off the stab and paint the fuzzes.

(At least some progress seemed to be taking place)

Finally we started the painting.

After struggling with Kobus's painting we finally had finished the three Jarts.
We now had to finish the cutting and making the hinges on the ailerons and stab.
We cut out on the bottom of the wings for the HS125mg wing servos and put the pushrod in for the HS85mg elevator survo mounted in the front of the fuzz. We checked out the CG and had to add 160G of lead to the nose and they are all ready to fly. All three Jarts weighed between 1.5kg and 1.55kg.

When the winds picked up at about 2pm on Friday at Volksrust we Maidened our Jarts.
I was amazed at how well they moved in the sky and only trimmed out the elevator about 2 clicks of up trim and she flew straight and fast. Kobus also added a little up trim when he flew the yellow Jart. After the two flights we discussed the performance of the two planes and came to a mutual agreement that they are great in the sky and all the hard work really was worth it.
We will maiden Wesley's next time and I am convinced that his (the blue Jart) will also fly great.

Evan has some photos of the Jart in action on the slope and said he will post them soon.(can't wait)
This has been a great project and we have enjoyed learning new ways of creating and building planes using carbon and fiberglass. We look forward to another project like this one.
Trevor, Kobus & Wsley

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