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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Fuzz (cont) by Trevor and co

Hi Jarters

The last time we spoke we were getting our fuzz's ready for undercoating and the removing of the foam, wow preparing the fuzz is a lot of hard work and sanding, but eventually got it right.

We sprayed the fuzz in mc primer, only once we had sprayed the primer on, did we realise how many holes and defects there really was, so we sprayed and patched and sprayed over and over......

I don't recommend that the wing-lets be put on while preparing the fuzz as we have, because getting everything straight and aligned is a mission. Doing this type of building for the first time really made it time consuming getting it all straight, but in the end after all that hard work we decided to cut them off of Kobus and Wesley's fuzzes.

Finally we got all the fuzzes sprayed and undercoated and decided to create the canopy now before opening up the fuzz and removing the foam from the inside.
To create our canopy, we were privileged to have Kobus in our team to make a plastic mould from one of his moulds from another plane.
We took this mould and polished the inside of the plastic and laid up some fibreglass and resin to create a canopy.
This canopy was our dummy canopy to cut out on the fuzzes.

Once we had tested and made sure that this canopy fitted snug on the fuzz, we then used the same mould and laid up 3 canopies with 2 layers carbon(96g cloth).

Once we had the canopies done,we put them on the fuzz in the correct position and drew a line around the canopy on the fuzz as our cut line.

Trevor's fuzz was the dummy run and the cut out was the same size as the canopy, but Kobus decided to cut his out smaller and allow his canopy to overlap the fuzz (This turned out to be the better option).

After removing the cut out it was time to clean out the fuzz with petrol. We were all looking forward to this because at this stage all our fuzzes were quite heavy.

To our amazement only about 30g, if that, was taken off the overall weight. It was now starting to take shape because we could start attaching the necessaries for the wings.

On our next postings we will follow up on joining the wings.

Trevor, Kobus & Wesley

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