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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fuselage Shaping - Evan - Post # 5 -

I have decide that I will probably only make one Jart so a "lost foam fuselage" will be fine for me. Besides being a lot of work making plugs and moulds and the fact that Jarts don't mind being a bit heavy I don't have to worry too much in that department. So a slightly heavy one of lost foam fuselage, painted afterwards it will be!

In stead of getting my plans printed full size I traced them in AutoCAD and printed them out full size on my A0 plotter. (BTW if anyone wants a printout you can come and get one from me. Just bring me your personalised Jart drawing that Reed has sent you and I'll print you a full size AutoCAD version. I'll cost you a "six pack" though)

Then I cut the paper profiles out and glued them to a block of blue foam.

I fixed my cutting bow to the side of my workbench and hot wire cut the fuselage shape.

I cut the side profile first and then taped the off-cuts back on and cut the top profile.

When all the cutting is done you have a lump of foam, that at a wild guess, could possibly resemble a Jart.

Lots of sanding and the fuselage is taking shape nicely. No fin yet!

Boy oh boy, did I have fun cutting the fin. That 4 to 1 taper over such a short span was a real problem and I screwed up three times before I finally got it done. Not absolutely perfect, but with a little filler it will be fine. (see the melted notch in the LE below)

I glued the fin to the fuselage with polyurethane glue. A bit more sanding and a fillet will have the fuselage shaping completed.

Now I too can strike the "To infinity and beyond" pose.

Next comes the sticky stuff!

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