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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

All I want for Xmas is a RED HOT Jart.

Well after not falling for the reindeer food that I set out for Santa on Christmas eve, I manage to contact the overworked guy to stop in on Boxing day before his long flight back north. He showed me his empty reindeer food bag (as you can see in the picture below).

However I quickly re-fueled it for him (hoping to score some brownie points) and hoping that he just might have one more Jart left amongst all his empty Christmas bags. But alas there was nothing.

There was one bag though, that looked quite full and rounded in the right places. He said that I can gladly keep this although it might not fly to well.

So I offered to look after it (hoping to score some more brownie points). He also gave me his Shotgun and some cartridges and said that I might need it in the process, as nobody is going to Hi Jack a Santa with a empty sledge on his way home.

Not wanting to disappoint the dear old fellow, I agreed to all his terms and conditions and soon he was on his Sledge and with afterburners glowing Red Hot (sounds familiar) he disappeared into late night sky. A happy fellow with his work done for the year.

Obviously I was disappointed at not getting my Jart for Xmas but I could not wait to see what he did given me for Christmas. So I rushed inside and this is what jumped out the bag!!!

Anyway, I am quite happy with this present. Don’t get any ideas guys. Remember the Shotgun!!!.

I will just have to compete my Jart in the New Year seeing as how Santa couldn't help!

Wishing all Jartists a Happy New Year.


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