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Monday, December 31, 2007

Jart's Maiden flights at Volksrust -Trevor & co.

Kobus, Wesley and Trevor, went down to Volksrust just after Christmas to maiden their Jarts. I was there and took a few photos of the action. Very impressive when a scratch built model is launched and flies beautifully straight off the building board. Not to mention how great these models look in the air and how well they fly. And the paint jobs on theses three Jarts are very striking. Well done to them all on a great project.

Both Trevor and Kobus flew their Jarts, but unfortunately Wesley's did not get to fly because of a problem with the ailerons movement. The photos below can tell the rest of the story.

Trevor's first with Kobus helping with the pre-flight checks and Lionel doing the launching.

Then it was Kobus' turn with Trevor lending a hand!

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