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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hi there Mike, Evan & Vic

Thanks for the support that you have provided so far. I must say that some things you mentioned are so logical that I can't believe we never thought it thru such as casting the otherside of the mould without removing the Plug.

Plug number 2

Anyway, The new plug has been shaped and layered up with one 50g cloth and one 200g layer. We have re sanded and got back to shape with minor blemishes.
Should we put on another layer of glass, as I noticed the previous plug developed small pressure indentations during the final sanding and polishing phase?

Our wings are progressing well with some help from Vic Oxley who is an old hand at constructing built up wings. He has kindly undertaken to construct the wings for us. We would love to try bagging, but without a vacuum pump and the suitable knowledge, we will leave this process in abeyance for the time being.
Vic has been building and flying in our area for the last thirty years or so!

Vic Oxley hard at work in his workshop

The foam cores have been cut and he has elected to build a balsa covered wing which poses a bit of head scratching as regards the fixing of the wing to the body.

The thought has been to cut the"canopy" opening down to the bottom edge below the wing so that the wing can be bolted down to the lower section of the fuse and the enlarged canopy will be shaped to the top of the wing profile. It may help to have a removable wing and we are looking to put a centrally placed servo for the ailerons....
We're getting ahead of ourselves!

Thanks for all your positive comments and support.
Kind regards
Johann & Daron


Evan Shaw said...

Glad to see that you are back on track. The new plug is looking as good as the first.
The best is to get the plug nice and hard so it does not deform in any way. If it means adding an extra layer of glass. Do it.
Always remember that the quality of the plug determines the quality of the finished product.
A word of caution. Avoid finishing the plug with 2K paint. It sometimes sticks to the Gel Coat and you end up battling to remove flakes of paint from your beautiful mold. Finish the plug with an HS Primer and polish that to a mirror finish. Then wax with plenty of layers of Mirror Glaze release agent before applying the Gel Coat. Be careful that the solvent in the release agent does not dissolve previously applied layer of wax. If you need any other advice or help please feel free to ask.

More on the wings later.

Good luck

Mike May said...

Jarts are pretty small, why not build it a one piece, or go with you idea of cutting the fuselage down to the wing saddle and bolting the wing on , when you get to laying up your first fuse you will know and then can re-inforce your option with that funny black stuff.
Perseverance....I am impressed.