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Friday, November 7, 2008

Progress - down the twisty road now!!

Wings out of the bag, root ribs had to be ditched as I forgot about trimming to the fuselage angle before adding the ribs....

I used a rubber polising wheel on the dremel to dig out the foam. You can go right up against the skin without damaging it and it eats up the foam no problem.

Then I mixed a strong cotton flock mixture (with no cabosil to allow it to run) and

poured it in the gap. The leading edge was dug out to about 50mm to seat the alignment peg - a 5mm diameter length of music wire fitted with an alignment tool - just an old printed circuit board with two holes drilled through it.

A bit of paint, some articulation and a new twf pnf toy is born!!


Side on -

Full turn!

Look Ma, no elevator- no aileron ................ no Brakes!!

Just two servo's to fit (DS8711's with plenty amandla) and a ledge for the canopy and were are done.

ps - anyone else done a twf Jart in SA?

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Evan Shaw said...

I definitely have to see this one fly. Very clever and pretty as well. Well done Vic.