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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baptism of fire

Yesterday, with the South Westerly wind blowing 80km/h, Sean and I decided to give the Red Bull Jart her baptism of fire and went up the Lady Slipper. The site is located on the highest peak in our area and generally works best on a South Westerly or North Easterly wind. The height above sea level usually provides ample lift.
80km/h winds are overkill to say the least!

One of a few landing attempts

Typical Jart Profile

Sean surprised that the plane was still in one piece

Wind speed indicator

Holding the camera in the wind was almost as bad as flying the plane, so look past the shakes!


Team Mig said...

Well done Johann on a well built and GREAT looking Jart. It was a lot of fun and a pleasure flying it in those conditions. Sean.

Johann de Beer said...

That video.... eish, looks like great fun. What is the UAW of your JART?



Team Mig said...

Johann, Johanns Jart weights 1195g AUW. Sean.

Evan Shaw said...

Awsum! Well done Johan. Great looking Jart, great flying, great looking slope, great conditions (or maybe not!!!), great video. Awsum!
Love the music too!
Nice one!