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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The moulding process

Here is the moulding process I used.

After cutting out the shape of the plug into some chip board, I waxed the plug and applied PVA again. I then filled in the seam line with an epoxy/cabosil mixture from a plastic bag, kind of like an icing bag arrangement. Once cured the plug was removed and the seam sanded flat. This creates a fantastic seam.

A closeup of the seam, see, no gap :)

First layer of tooling coat on. Each coat is light and must not fillet the corners

1 Layer 160gsm glass, 6 layers 400gsm Biaxial glass and then another layer of 160gsm glass, corners were filleted with carbon tow, should have used glass tow, but it was a pain to get so I just used carbon since I had it already.

Mould just opened after second side was done. Needs a little cleanup(bit of paint came off the plug and stuck to the mould, quick scrape with a plastic scraper got rid of it without damaging the mould surface), but otherwise pretty nice surface

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