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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Johann & Daron

Finally we have a Jart the way it is supposed to be...... flown on the slope!
The wind was 25-30km South west on Monday and perfect for the Maitlands slope. The slope is not very high and therefore does not generate great lift, but if it blows directly up the face, one gets clean air. Daron was very apprehensive but maintained that the Jart wanted to fly. It is not the easiest plane to launch as there is very little holding space below the wing. I launched it with two hands and with very little adjustment on the elevator, it flew straight out. The plane flies beautifully!
Thanks to everyone for their support and useful advice.

Daron's yellow and black Jart

After getting the plane trimmed out, Daron was having such fun that I decided to join him and launched my more sedate Salto...... It has to be sods law, Five minutes later we had a head on in mid air... What are the chances?


Besides all the mishaps, we've had great fun and the plane really flies beautifully! We'll get the other one ready for it's trails. Lets hope it goes home.
It has been worth the time and trouble and we've learnt so much!

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