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Monday, February 16, 2009

Johann, Daron & Vic

Finally some progress!
When you receive e-mails stating " I keep looking on the JART-SA blog hoping to see someones Jart progress but nada, niks, and zero." you know the pressure is mounting.
Well to recap, we shaped and glassed plug number 2. There was some debate as to the finishing coats and unfortunately we applied some epoxy coating that ended in disaster. The full curing time was 10 days which conveniently fell over the Christmas holidays.

Plug number 2

Epoxy coating gone wrong

Gel coat and epoxy coating in a marriage gone wrong
Not quite the best spray booth.
Plug set in the splitter board
The plug still stuck in the mould, but salvaged
De lamination of the K2, probably due to the adhesion to the
epoxy finishing coat remaining in places after sanding.

And finally! The mould had to be cleaned off, but
came out beautifully
4mm studs used as locating lugs

Layup complete and curing

Bench flying!!!!

The fuse seam joints have been a bit of a headache. On this one we tried a wet joint as we have been to scared to cut the mould to enable us to work on the seams. whilst the joint is sound, the overlaps have folded in places.
On the following fuse, we will try smaller overlaps and two pairs of hands!
Thanks for all the continued advice and support.

1 comment:

Mike May said...

Now you guys are cooking with gas,
Moulds look excellent and will be good for many fuselages, the more you wax and use them the better they work.
Well done your tenacity deserves all the future rewards of cool Jarts.