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Monday, July 21, 2008

Joiner success!

Just opened up the second carbon joiner and it's much better!

The tube is 12,5mm id and that takes 159 tows to fill completely so this time I cut 100 which is just over 60%. I also had an extra 20 in case this was too loose after coating with resin. As it turned out I used the extra 20 so my carbon content is just over 75%. It took all my weight on the joiner with the wire in the vice to get the tows through - very slowly!
My method for wetting out was to keep the wire hook in place and place the tows on a plastic sheeting covered bench, pour out about 80% of the resin and roll it with a ribbed roller. Turn over and add the rest of the resin and roll and roll and roll....
Evan just mentioned to me today that he dunks all of the carbon tows into the resin container (whilst keeping the looped end on the wire pull through) and squeezes out the excess which sounds much quicker!
New joiner is 65g, old one was 57 g, better fit and finish plus more strength!
On to the wings next time.

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